Personal Background

Born on Coruscant to a wealthy family, he could afford to be smart and intellectual. Always an idealist and romantic, he was popular in his late schooling years.  His father served in The Republic as a Captain of a Cruiser. One of the only non-clones there.Due to issues with his father, Johannes Kotz,  he decided to help people instead of hurting them. Using his own credits, Elias studied for a medical career. Elias finally gained enough knowledge on the subject to open a clinic on floor 105, in the lower middle-class levels. He’d always discover new wounds from gang members there. Most of these wounds were due to biochemical damage. Elias’ newly found interest in biochemical warfare led him to experiment new ways to conduct it. He was abducted by a gang of miscreants after he refused to patch up one of their members. They took a vibroblade to the left side of his face, leaving a scar running from barely above his eyebrow down to a parallel corner of his mouth. He was no longer a perfect human specimen, and it drove him mad. He killed all of the gang members with illegal chemical grenades a few weeks later. He force fed the men the grenades. Shortly before; Elias met a Twi’lek woman named Jasmine. Not only was she strikingly beautiful, but she had an intellect to match his own. He soon found out that she was working for the Biochemical Warfare division of the Imperial Scientific Weapons Department. They soon fell in love; and after noticing Elias’ curiosity for biochemical weapons and naturally high intelligence, she encouraged him to sign up. He was more interested in medically supporting the men instead of focusing on killing. As a result, he then signed up for the Medical Corps Regiment that was stationed on the ISD Hive, a Destroyer that had been in service for nearly the whole Galactic Civil War. Shortly after, Emperor Palpatine was killed, and a demand for new officers to lead the army was established. Jasmine talked to Medic Commander Magma regarding the Bio Squad. Elias earned his place as the SQL. An endearing opinion of Magma and his views on justice and integrity sifted through Elias’ mind for years. Kotz spends his time on leave with his now wife, Jazmine Kotz, on Level 567 in Coruscant.

Military Background

He was granted the nickname “Smoke” after he sabotaged Rebel smoke grenades with 1-second detonation gas grenades during the second battle of Corellia. Served in the following battles and operations: 2nd Battle of Corellia, 2nd Battle of Umbara, Battle of Teth Prime, Operation: Eagle, Operation: Death Cure