Personal Background

Born on Corellia, Julien moved to Coruscant at an early age and became steadfast friends with Elias Kotz, another future imperial operative. Julien’s parents weren’t as wealthy as Elias’, and were spiteful of his family. They were both killed protesting a tax reform by Riot Control that was authorized to use lethal force. After they died, the Kotz family took Julien in. With their wealth, he could afford to learn about his real passion. A fascination with nuclear science. A nearly endless supply of energy was tantalizing for him to conquer and control. He studied nuclear composition, its use in warfare, how it was measured and everything. He often uses humor to deflect depression and sadness. Julien was finally able to become the Director of the Nuclear Plant on Parjaa. It melted down after a rebel attack on it, killing nearly 1 million citizens nearby. This act of cruelty inspired Julien to use his passion to harm those that committed the murder of the civilians. After being specially chosen by Magma for a private tryout, Julien would finally be able to reunite with his old friend Elias', and combat the Alliance. Julien spends his days on leave with his childhood sweetheart, Aida Nizan, and their two children on Corellia. He casually studies nuclear science and theoretical physics while not experimenting on board the ISD Hive. The Empire is secretly behind the nuclear meltdown on Parjaa.

Military Background

Gained the nickname “Atom” after surviving a nuclear blast on the planet Chernoblyus, then proceeding to live on that same planet in a nearby city for 2 days. Fought in the following battles and operations: Operation: Death Cure, Operation: Fallout, Battle of Parjaa, Battle of Ilios 2